We support your mission of making the
world better ❤

Your passion for a change you believe in to make a difference in the world is a special entrepreneurial spirit! We partner with you so that you can focus on your cause and mission, rather than the required complexities of the financials reporting and compliance.

Leverage your time and resources with outsourcing

Most non-profits we work with have a treasurer or financial officer to help manage the daily operations of the organization. However, the deeper ins and outs of the compliance requirements for financial reporting and tax compliance is not typical in these passionate individuals helping to further your mission.
We offer the professional, credentialed support needed to keep your organization operating the way it should.

From Core Bookkeeping Services, Tax Filing & Audit Support we have you covered!

Improve your mission’s effectiveness, keep your 501c3 compliant and meet your funding requirements with a partner that has the expertise! We not only understand the nuances and complexities of the nonprofit accounting but having a CPA help with the preparation of annual audits will greatly reduce the fieldwork hours and costs associated with annual audits.

  • Revenue Recognition
  • Statement of Financial Position
  • Statement of Activities
  • Budget versus Actual
  • Cash Flow Statements

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Melissa Calwell, CPA has over 30 years of hands on experience working directly with business owners in both the private sector and through public accounting. Her depth of knowledge and expertise in all areas of back office operations and accounting is the magic of Wasatch Accounting. Years of experience in the field has allowed her to observe and implement solid systems and processes that work and make the tasks of compliance and accounting in your business feel easy!

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